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Oil Painting-Study To Studio
March 9-13, 2020
Tuition $650

We all want to become better painters…as soon as possible. Mark will explore five aspects of creating a painting that can dramatically improve your work. 

This five day workshop will be outside for two days and in the studio for the last three days. Mark believes that an artist at any skill level, needs to periododically go back to revisit basic concepts that provide the foundation for a really good painting. As artists, we rarely spend much time on developing the best composition to express a scene, especially when painting outdoors. By finding the right dark/light pattern, the right viewpoint, or editing the scene, a really strong painting can be created.

Each day, Mark will teach a concept through demonstration. Students will be given exercises that will strengthen skills that are beneficial for capturing scenes in the landscape. Exercises will deal with such issues as limited values, design of composition, and editing.

Fredericksburg  is an amazing place to paint in the spring. The weather should be perfect for this outdoor portion of the plein air workshop. The class  will paint for two days outside to create a series of 9x12 studies that become the basis for paintings to be created in the studio in a larger format.

With this being a study-to-studio workshop, students will need to be prepared for both parts of the workshop. Listed on the supply list are supplies for the outdoor portion and students will need to bring photos and/or a laptop to work from in the studio portion of this workshop.

For those working from photograph prints, it will be best to work from the largest size possible and to have different exposures for lights and darks of their selected subject matter. Local stores offer quick turn-around print service and that can be easily figured out. 

Those using laptops will benefit from using photos that they have taken of the scenes where the studies were painted. be working and ideally, the class will be working from photos and sketches from the week. It's okay if students would rather try to work up something from a different location (in case of less than ideal weather), but absolutely must have thorough and quality photo reference to work from as well as a good accompanying color sketch. Cell phones are not adequate to work from in the studio.

Follow Mark on his recent podcast:



Mark Fehlman practiced as an architect for 35 years, as the design partner for the San Diego based firm, Fehlman LaBarre.  Mark started painting in 2000 and within 5 years left architecture to start a new career as an artist. He trained under many great artists, but the two who were most influential were Ray Roberts and John Asaro. Like both artists, Mark is equally comfortable in figurative and landscape subjects that feature strong composition, well defined value relationships and vibrant color. 

He has won numerous awards in various shows, including the “Grand Award” for the LPAPA 2014 Best of Plein Air, First Place in the Borrego Springs Plein Air Festival, as well as many other awards and recognition. 

Mark has been an invited artist in the Laguna Invitational, the Maui Invitational and The Forgotten Coast Invitational in Florida.

His work has been included in the California Art Club “Gold Medal” show, the “On Location in Malibu” show at Pepperine’s Weisman Museum, the “Tejon Ranch” show at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, and the Maynard Dixon Country Show in Utah. He is an artist member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and the California Art Club.

His work can be seen at www.markfehlman.com.




March 10-13, 2020
Tuition $595

Composition and Color of the Landscape

The best paintings start with the foundation of strong composition and design that can be contemplated more thoroughly in a studio environment, then they add the fresh brushwork of a plein air that reminds you of the light, atmosphere and excitement of the outdoor experience.

In this workshop, we start by going outside to gather information in order to experiment with a variety of compositions.  We will break down the landscape into: line, shape, value, temperature of color, intensity of color, and quality of mark (texture).  It’s important to understand each aspect and look at the landscape in this order.  What inspired you to paint a particular scene?  Concentrating on this one idea will help you through the painting process.  

Students will begin the workshop with drawing exercises such as notans and value sketches using design markers.  Painting exercises such as 15-30 minute color studies will reinforce these important elements and help students warm up.  Later in the workshop, we will introduce color temperature and intensity in order to achieve atmospheric perspective.  We will conclude the workshop with studio time, putting a composition together using our plein air color studies, notans and value studies.  Kim will give pointers on how to proceed and visit with each student before moving on to their studio piece.  Kim will offer demonstrations in both pastel and oil, and offer one-on-one help at your easel.  We will also conclude most painting days with a group discussion in a positive environment so that we can learn from each other’s work.


Kim Casebeer was born and raised in Kansas on a family farm.  As part of a fourth generation farm family, she has been connected to the land for a long time.  Kim still lives in Kansas and draws her inspiration from the simplicity of the Flint Hills, an area of wide open ranch land.  “It’s a simple landscape,” she says.  “You have to spend some time and let it speak to you.”  These days Kim travels to paint throughout the United States.  “I think the simplicity of the Kansas landscape has helped me find the essence of other places.  I’m able to focus on what’s important in a composition.”  

Kim received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kansas State University in 1992.  She worked as a graphic designer and art director, while spending evenings and weekends painting until 2002, when she was able to make the leap to full-time artist.  Kim has continued to study with artists such as Albert Handell, W. Scott Jennings, Michael Albrechtsen, Scott Christensen and Matt Smith.

Kim’s work has been featured in numerous nationally recognized magazine articles including American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Southwest Art, Art of The West and PleinAir Magazine, among others. 

Kim is a Master Signature member of the American Women Artists, and a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Oil Painters of America.   She has won numerous national awards in these and other national prestigious shows.

Kim has work in many private, corporate and museum collections throughout the United States.  She is represented by Legacy Gallery-Jackson, WY www.legacygallery.com; Huey Fine Art-Santa Fe, NM www.hueyfineart.com ; Montana Trails Gallery-Bozeman, MT www.montanatrails.com, among others.  Additional work can be viewed on her website at www.kimcasebeer.com.






Oil & pastel
Figure / Portrait
March 17-20, 2020
Tuition $750+ $40 model fee

Explore the qualities of composition, value, and color, with an emphasis on the use of contrast, rhythm, and edges. Learn to interpret the subject matter and to enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of alla prima painting. Subjects will include live models. There will be daily demonstrations, a slide presentation, and as much individual instruction as possible.

Using what she descries as a blend of expressionism and impressionism, Anderson paints the human face, landscapes, and horses with equal skill. "What draws me to a certain person is character more than anything," she says. "For a while it was children, but they can be difficult to paint without getting too cute. I try to convey a touch of humanity. I still paint horses, too, because they have such a great form. I like doing winter landscapes because of the abstract quality and Indian dancers because of the color and movement. I bring something different to my portrait work after doing landscapes. Art is all about relationships and perspective."


Born and raised in the Chicago area, Carolyn Anderson attended school at Illinois State University.  She joined the VISTA program (Volunteers in Service to America) in the early 70's and was assigned to work on an Indian reservation in north central Montana and now lives in Havre, a small community near the Canadian border.

Anderson's paintings are full of color and expression.  The focus in her work is often loosely rendered in an almost sketch-like improvisation.  The emphasis is to catch the essence of each subject.  Her subjects vary from dancers to horses to landscapes, but she is primarily known for her portraits.

Anderson has participated in the C. M. Russell Art Auction, one of the Northwest's largest shows, since 1980.  In 1999 and 2000, she was awarded Jurors' Best of Show Awards, along with the 1999 Artist's Choice Award.  As a member of the Western Rendezvous of Art, she also received a Merit Award in 1999.  Her work has been featured in national publications, including American Art and Architecture, Art of the West and Southwest Art magazines.  She is represented by Total Arts Gallery in Taos, NM; Gallery 1261 in Denver, CO; and Simpson Gallagher Gallery in Cody, WY.

You can also see her work on her web site at www.carolynanderson.com.




Painting The Expressive Figure In Oil
March 30 -April 2, 2020
Tuition $495 + $40 model fee

This four day workshop will cover painting from the costumed and nude figure, as well as working from photos.

Diane will take students step by step through organizing values for dynamic compositions, creating harmonious color relationships with an emphasis on temperature and finally executing a successful painting.

Watching her demonstrate, using both palette knife and brush, you will learn how she distills a subject down to its strongest elements.

This class will be structured, but have room for fun and experimentation along the way.


Diane Eugster is a member of the American Impressionist Society, The Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists and the Portrait Artists of Arizona. 

Spontaneous brush work with broken color passages flow in and out of her paintings while the figure is the core source of her inspiration.  The challenge to capture the surrounding atmosphere as well as the subject is a puzzle that keeps drawing her back to the human form. Her pursuit of capturing the essence of her subjects has rewarded her with recognition from many regional and national art shows.

 Diane’s oil paintings are known for their loose Impressionistic style. In her own words “A simple statement is a bold statement, it’s about finding the very heart of the subject.”

Teaching at other organizations  and privately has given her the experience of working with all levels of art students.

Her work can be seen at the Meyer Vogl Gallery in Charleston S.C. www.meyervogl.com

Website: www.DianeEugsterArt.com 
Art blog: DianesPaintingBlog.wordpdress.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dianeeugster






April 20-24, 2020
Tuition $625

If you are a beginner or want to freshen up on the basics of oil painting, this class is for you.  No previous experience necessary.  You will learn the elements of painting: color, color harmony, values, composition design and more.  We will also apply these principles as we paint.  Different techniques will be taught as well as the use of different tools and their effects.  The goal is for the student to understand these elements so they may further enjoy their journey in painting. 

 This class will take out the  unknown or “scary” part out of painting.  Bring photos of your favorite subjects.  Lots of questions are welcome.  This will be an informative and fun painting experience.


A LIFE LONG FAN OF Will Rogers, Phil Bob mused that the cowboy humorist brought him to an interesting artistic insight.  “Art is a visual language and like story telling, the content of the story is simply where your start.  It is how you tell the story that brings the smile, crates the mood, and evokes the emotions.”

 Phil Bob Borman has been a professional sculptor for over 25 years.  His education includes an MFA in Art, several CA (Cowboy Artist) workshops, and studied under  sculptor Mehl Lawson and has studied with various artists including Michael Workman, Karen Vance and George Strickland.  His work is held in many collections throughout the US and Europe.  Phil Bob is represented by Insight Gallery-Fredericksburg, TX www.insightgallery.com , Legacy Gallereies - Scottsdale, AZ and Jackson, WY and Lee Fine Art-Ft Worth, TX  www.leesmallfineart.com




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